How To Increase Your Organic Blog Traffic Using Twitter ?

There are so many Social Media Platforms that continue to pop up. Many in my opinion aiming to just beat the other one. Twitter is in a different league however of its own. When I created my very first account with Twitter I had no clue what I was doing. I don’t remember the name of the service but I realized I had no real purpose and I was desperate just to get followers on Twitter. I used this free service to get my content shared and share others. I had over 1,000 followers but no engagement. Essentially what I was doing was flushing my time down the toilet and being a waste. I provided no real value. 

As a Blogger you have a golden opportunity to reach a plethora of followers harnessing the twitter platform. You need to engage in multiple different ways which will result in organic traffic to your Blog

Blog Threads

First and foremost the Blogging Community is vast on Twitter. You will meet amazing people with a variety of different blogs. Each of them with their unique way to share their passions. This community does Blog Threads. Everyday of the week you will find multiple bloggers with a fair amount of followers offering for you to share your recent post on their threads. My recommendation is to post on as many threads as you can during the day.  Do not just post and leave though. Make sure you go leave comments on those that can and retweet the ones you like and love so that they can gain more reach.

Post Your Content Daily

You don’t need to be on all day, but you need to either get on or schedule your content. Consider sharing 3-5 posts a day if you are starting. More if you have plenty of content to rotate through. Share more than your blog posts. Share valuable tips and advice and other content that your audience can use. Build and create value.

Retweet Others Content

Above all else sharing and helping others by pushing their content to your audience shows a bit of respect and sincerity and support in what they are doing. It boosts them which in turn they will end up boosting. Do not retweet everyone. Find your tribe as its called and share what resonates and also fits with your audience. Be wise and be authentic about it.

Engage With Other Bloggers

As you work on these other ways to grow your organic traffic harnessing twitter power engage with  other bloggers. Get conversations going with them. Get to know them. Find out what they are about and support them when you can. You will soon find friends that you never would have met if you had not been engaging. 

Message Groups/Comment Swaps

These groups are designed so that each day you post your content and you comment on so many peoples posts per day. Find one that doesn’t overwhelm you. Some are very strict where if you are not engaging in their time frame they kick you out. You can also participate in comment swaps. If you cant comment at the time follow those you resonate with and save them for reading later. You can also bookmark tweets for this purpose. 

Give Value To Your Fellow Bloggers

You may think that this is a competition to beat out your other bloggers. Twitter has a vast audience and you know the cool thing as humans we can have more than 1 favorite. Its allowed. I promise. Share your ups. Share your downs. Share what has helped you. If you have tried something that worked then tweet about it. Ask question. Be Involved.  Twitter has created a great platform to engage. Some great bloggers who want to just share their message and help others. They have a passion just like yourself.

Since I have been back on in March of 2020 I have met so many great people and I expect to meet many more.

By Glen Parmenter

Published by Glen Parmenter

My name is my business and my name is my reputation. I am passionate about people and helping them reach their goals. I hate bad customer service so I am on a mission to Forge A Client Revolution putting us back in the drivers seat where we always should have been.

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