The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

Are You Still Facing Issues with Hashtags on Instagram?

Instagram is a popular and effective social media platform to engage with your audience and promote your eCommerce business. Whether you love using it for your business promotion, blogging or personal purpose do not miss on using Hashtags.

Are you still not using Hashtags for your Instagram posts? 

You cannot miss this. Trust me!!!

All social media platforms have gone through many changes but one thing has remained consistent – Instagram HASHTAGS. Hashtags help you in engagement with a larger group of audience and help to categorize similar content and make it discoverable to a new set of audiences who aren’t connected with you. A hashtag helps your post appear to the right set of audiences at the right time.

Well, there are few things you should definitely keep in mind before using Hashtags:

  • Don’t always use the most popular hashtags else chances are more of your post not standing out. Instead, use a hashtag with a similar meaning. I am not asking you to completely ignore the hashtag but use similar hashtags too and not just rely on one. For example, you are an influencer and you use #influencer. Considering it to be a too popular hashtag try using hashtags like #fashioninfluencer or #fashioninfluencerusa or city, depending on your niche and location.
  • Private profiles using hashtags please remember that your posts won’t appear in a hashtag search. So if you are wondering, why is your post not appearing in the hashtag search then please check your account setting -whether it’s public or private?
  • You can add up to 30 hashtags in your post and 10 to Insta story.
  • Hashtags don’t take special characters.
  • Don’t use irrelevant hashtags that are not linked with your posts.
Photo by Prapti Garg
Let’s dive deeper into understanding how to master your Instagram Hashtags
  1. Do your Hashtag Research

 Simply using hashtags is not sufficient. You have to do your homework well before using them. There are many online tools for hashtag generation like Instagram Hashtag Generator, All Hashtag, Ritetag, etc. Search the hashtags and check the top posts and make a list of the hashtags you want to use. Check what hashtags are used by your competitors and research on them too. That will help you to get good engagement. Researching also helps you in using relevant hashtags and not just use it for the sake of using.

  1. Post Your Hashtags in your first comment

While you get an opportunity to use 30 hashtags don’t use all of them because others are doing so. After doing your hashtag research, choose the relevant hashtags for your particular posts. If you are planning to use a long caption, use your hashtags in your first comment of the post to make your post look tidy, and also if you are planning on using all your hashtags the first comment is the exact place to do so.

Don’t worry the level of engagement will be ditto same as to when you use them in the caption.

  1. Create a branded hashtag

Create a branded hashtag for your profile and add the same to your bio. Hashtags are clickable and adding them to your bio will help your audiences visit the hashtag. Use the hashtag in all your posts and stories.

  1. Create Giveaways with your branded hashtag

I always try to enter giveaways on Instagram. Giveaways are very simple- Follow the profile and tag your friends. Who will not love to win some free stuff with such giveaways? Ask your audience to share on their Instagram stories your giveaway posts and use your branded hashtag specifically. This can create a new set of audience for your brand and help you engage with them.

  1. Connect with Hashtags

Find out the most trending hashtag in your niche and connect with them. Comment on the top posts and then upload a post using a similar hashtag. This will help you gain followers. Also building marketing campaigns around that hashtag. 

  1. Use Instagram Insights 

Instagram provides this data free of cost. You can click on “ View Insights” on a particular post and you’ll be able to see the impressions created on the basis of hashtags.

  1. Use Hashtags in Instagram Stories

Are you aware of using Instagram Hashtags in your Insta stories? I love using hashtags even in my story. You can use up to 10 hashtags in Insta story. I don’t overdo my story, instead, I add hashtags and cover them by using stickers and GIFs. My purpose is solved and work is done without my story looking a typical hashtag story.

Wrapping it up…

I always consider “Hashtag” as the backbone of an Instagram post. Relevant Hashtags will lead you to your target audience while irrelevant hashtags may mislead your audience. 

I hope this post helps you in improving your usage on hashtags and please do not forget to monitor the performance of your Instagram content too.

If you’ve got any questions about Instagram hashtags, let me know below. I would be more than happy to help.

Happy #hashtagging !

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