Instagram for New Fashion Bloggers/Influencers

You are creative, having a great sense of styling clothes and know how to pick the right accessories. You have great knowledge about the fashion trend and also help your friends decide their OOTD (Outfit of the day).

Why not utilize your skills in FASHION by taking your passion to the next level and sharing your knowledge with the world.

Are you interested in becoming a fashion blogger? Currently, this is a very lucrative business on Instagram.

Influencers with attractive photos and videos gain more followers, but those with genuine photos and honest information are much loved and appreciated by their followers. Being unique, stylish and real is what draws the attention of the audience.

Now, I want to talk about a few tips for the new fashion bloggers on Instagram.

  • Create an Instagram Business Account. If you are serious about making money on Instagram, you will need to treat your profile as a business one. The personal profile has sort of limitations while the business account will help you with better insights (

  • Create an enticing bio that makes people want to know you better. Your Bio should be telling a brief story about you. Also, remember this is a sort of welcome note to your profile so keep it significant.

  • Schedule your post through Later ( Your profile appearance matters a lot. The color theme of posts gives a good impression to your target audience. Try keeping a similar theme throughout by using the same filter for editing photos throughout. You can try this in the Later App and schedule the posts for the week without worrying about reminders. Try to plan a week’s content.

  • Use Hashtags. Instagram Hashtags are a key tool to get more eyes on your post. Use relevant hashtags (don’t forget to keep your profile public). Every post you create on Instagram can be accompanied by a caption and hashtags. It is advisable not to go beyond 10–15 # for a post. Hashtags help you generate new audiences and customers for your business.

  • Connect with other key influencers within your industry. Talking to others and getting their comments on your work, opinions, and ideas helps refine your approach and builds community. Interact with your followers as well.

  • Use Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories help you reach a larger audience. Start by tagging brands and other accounts and gain mutual promotions. The stories help the influencers to be more of themselves and can connect with their followers on a more human level.

  • Increase your number of followers. Invite people to like your page but do not forget to believe in QUALITY than QUANTITY. Brands while looking for tie-up will see the quality of followers and do they FIT their brand.

  • Create amazing content. Another key to being a successful blogger within a short period. You have to be consistent with your posts and do not forget to tag the brands, if relevant. Brands will automatically follow.

Priyanshi Jalan @ataleof2girls shared her views

I started blogging when it was very common, yet very uncommon in my immediate social network.

To me blogging is something which keeps up my creative quotient active and helps me to keep myself updated on everything. I would like to suggest one thing to all the people who are doing something out of the box — be patient and just give your best without any expectations, soon you will get more than you expected

Ready to create your fashion blogs ? Happy Blogging 🙂

Published by Megha Todi

Digital Marketer| Certified Content Marketer|Freelancer

21 thoughts on “Instagram for New Fashion Bloggers/Influencers

  1. Great post and really clearly written! I agree that having a theme for a profile, especially someone in the field of aesthetics, is really important. It’s a subtle effect, but it can really help to bring the profile together as a cohesive reflection of the brand!

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  2. Wow this really shows that there is so much more to being an influencer than just posting on Instagram and I feel this article could really help those who are starting out in the fashion blogging/influencer space in terms of how to effectively digitally market yourself. Keep up the great content!

    Liked by 2 people

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